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Gold” the name eludes smile on the faces of all women. It is the most preferred metal of all women.  Gold is endearing to the eyes as it is valuable to all women. We all know that gold Jewellery never goes out of style, if it is plain or designed, and for good reason, because gold is as wearer-friendly as it is beautiful. Pure gold doesn't react with other elements to create tarnish, the residue that accumulates on some metals before transferring to your skin as a stain. Sometimes people have allergy or staining problems with metals that are combined with gold, but the gold itself is rarely a problem. We can work Gold into nearly any shape, including tiny strands that do not break easily. One ounce of gold can even be hammered into an ultra thin sheet that's ten feet square. At Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri Gold can be manipulated nearly any way you desire.


Solid gold is durable, so it is a better choice for Jewellery that you can wear regularly. In case, if you are allergic to nickel or other metals, we can help you choose items that have high gold content, such as 18K or 22K gold jewellery. Gold filled or plated Jewellery is suitable for Jewellery that you wear occasionally. Everyday use would eventually diminish the gold layer, exposing the metal below, which might stain your skin or cause an allergic reaction. We suggest you to buy pieces with highest gold content as these will last a lifetime and beyond.


In case of gold plated jewellery as the gold layer in gold plated Jewellery is typically thinner than the gold in gold filled Jewellery, so it usually wears away more quickly. Gold plating is done in different ways. We have taken steps to ensure that our customers get the best of designs and that these designs look more aesthetic as they are made as per the customer’s choice also keeping into mind the latest trends.


It is easy to find examples of pure gold Jewellery, but pure gold is soft and isn't practical for dailywear. Other metals are mixed with it to make it more durable (and to lower its cost). Adding other metals to the mix also allows metallurgists to change the color of gold. This also allows us to make more experiments with the gold.


At Bhagwati Jewellers - Dilip Zaveri we specialize in unique and traditional ornaments that have an aura an appeal. We have always stood apart and are trend setters in the field of jewellery designs and trust that our name imbibes is impeccable. We offer jewellery that can be worn as per different occasions. We have a huge collection for several occasions like wedding, party wear and even for working women. Our entire collection of jewellery is very modern yet it does not fail to give a traditional look. Purity and accuracy are other names for Bhagwati Jewellers - Dilip Zaveri. We have various designs which are contemporary yet very elegant which are poised to suit your needs and taste.


Come explore our huge collection of gold jewellery which can never be seen somewhere else.

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